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Flemington Precast & Supply has been a wholesale supplier of precast concrete, septic, and wastewater products for over 30 years.  We service all of New Jersey, Southern New York, and Eastern Pennsylvania.  In addition to our precast concrete products, we offer quality products for the design and installation of advanced and alternative onsite sewage treatment systems for both residential and commercial applications.  We are one of the longest serving suppliers of these products in the tri-state area combining our knowledge of precast products with the growing onsite wastewater treatment industry, particularly advanced and alternative treatment systems.

We work closely with the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), Health Department officials, Engineers, Contractors, and property owners to provide the best products and services for a cleaner environment.  We provide training and support for our products as well as service and maintenance.  We are not an installer and therefore don’t have the obvious conflict of interest that other suppliers have as also being installers.

Flemington Precast & Supply is the NJ distributor of leading onsite treatment technologies including Bord na Móna’s Puraflo® Peat Fibre System and Geoflow’s Wasteflow® Drip Dispersal System.  A quick guide to our products can be found below as well as additional information throughout our web site.

Our diverse precast product line includes septic tanks, pump tanks, distribution boxes, riser extensions, grease interceptors, seepage tanks (a.k.a. drywells or recharge tanks), catch basins, trench drains, outflow structures, water meter pits, utility vaults, telecommunications products, generator slabs, transformer pads, light pole bases, headwalls, oil/water separators, sand/grit interceptors, bumper blocks, splash blocks, custom structures and slabs.

As a family owned and operated company, we offer you value. That value comes from well made products, attention to detail, and an understanding of what each of our customers expects of us. We won't promise what we can't deliver, but we will deliver what we promise.

We look forward to establishing a long relationship with your company soon.

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Septic System Accessories

  1. Bullet TW-Series Plastic Septic Tanks

  2. Bullet Polylok Filters and On-site Wastewater Products

  3. Bullet  Tuf-Tite Plastic Risers & Lids, Effluent Filters, Speed Levelers, Drainage Products, Tuf-Stop Parking Blocks

  4. Bullet  Fluid Dynamic Siphons

  5. Bullet U.S.F. Fabrication Hatchways, Ladders, and Access Products

  6. Bullet Mirafi Geotextiles

  7. Bullet Concrete Sealants

We proudly supply the following products: